Mary Anne Hobbs // Last Ever Show

By: aspyhole

Sep 10 2010


Category: Music


Last night Mary Anne Hobbs hosted her last ever show on BBC Radio1. I confess to have rarely listened to her show, but I have been aware for a long while that we closely shared tastes in electronic music. She played some of her favourite songs, including cuts from Aphex Twin, Gonjasufi and Burial, some of my all-time favourites too.

Burial and Kode9 were also in the mix, which confirms this show as really one not to be missed, with Burial DJ sets being almost non-existent. You can listen to the show here for another few days. Do cheque it hard since I would be lying if I said an unreleased Burial track was not played.


2 comments on “Mary Anne Hobbs // Last Ever Show”

  1. what happened with the mary anne hobbs radio pgm??? why did it come to an end??? where can we listen her today?

    • Hey Claus, well she left the BBC to do various other things. She no longer has a radio show, but you should still be able to catch her DJing in various places, and she usually curates a small stage at Sonar in Barcelona where she will most likely DJ too. But keep an eye out for other radio shows. Benji B, for example, took over from her, and London has several other fantastic radio stations which you could look in to.

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