Adam Neate // The Flock Series

By: aspyhole

Oct 15 2010

Category: Art

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Adam Neate is certainly one of Britain’s most exciting artists. His collectors number in the thousands though many of these won’t even know his name: Adam is perhaps most famous for dropping 1000 pieces of his artwork on the streets of London one night in 2008. I tried my best to find one of these pieces back in the day but to no avail.

Adam has a new show at Elms Lester, one of my favourite London galleries, which this time comprises of only 5 pieces. All his new work expands on a theme first seen in a couple of pieces in last year’s A New Understanding show (from which the piece above is drawn), with all of them using perspex as the main medium.

The work is quite spectacular, and is well worth a visit. Prices start at around £30,000 – veritable shame I wasn’t more successful on that wintry November night in 2008.


One comment on “Adam Neate // The Flock Series”

  1. He’s like a 3-D Francis Bacon!

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