The Underbelly Project vs NYC MTA //

By: aspyhole

Nov 07 2010

Category: Art, Graffiti

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The Underbelly Project is a fascinating undertaking. Somewhere in the alligator-infested intestines of New York City (well, in a planned, but never used Subway station) one can find a collection of artworks by some of the world’s most respected street artists. Now, while some of the pieces are not spectacular in themselves (of course, some are brilliant, like Trusto Corp.’s one above), it is quite astonishing that this trove has been sealed off forever, by the organisers themselves. Good thing a whole bunch of press were taken down on its last day.

OK, so writers have been risking their lives and their clean records for decades, tagging some ridiculous locations, normally always breaking the law, this might have taken things to a new level (literally, hoho): artists from around the world were invited to The City without prior knowledge of the site’s location. They then had to slink past commuters at a fully functioning station and into a passageway leading to The Underbelly. Not only did  they risk blowing the whole project’s cover every time someone descended, but they also risked being sealed underground.

Anyway, none of us are ever going to get to see it, so let’s leave it at that.


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