Shackleton // Zeke Clough // Woe to the Septic Heart

By: aspyhole

Nov 10 2010

Category: Art, Music, New Releases

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Oh my snap. Not only has one of my favourite artists, Zeke Clough, just completed some brilliant new full-colour artwork, but it is the cover art to the forthcoming 12″ by one of my favourite producers, Shackleton!

The 12″, entitled Man On A String, Parts 1 & 2, but also featuring the track Bastart Spirit on the flip, is released on Shackelton’s NEW LABEL (!!!) Woe to the Septic Heart. I am looking forward to getting hold of this very soon, and am pre-empting further darkness engulfing from both above camps.

Another piece of Zeke’s fantastic artwork was featured in the latest issue of The Hill, which you can buy here for only £2. You can also buy a handmade CD featuring some intruiging improv from Zeke’s cycle-centred Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra for only £6 here.


Any thoughts?

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