Aphex Twin // Seaside Specials

By: aspyhole

Nov 16 2010

Category: Music, New Releases

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Focal Length:74099370.666667mm
Shutter:74099370.666667 sec

Yes, the above image is YOLANDE VI$$ER and Richard D. James on stage.

In any case, in other very important news, the first new material to surface from Aphex Twin in a long time has just washed up. It is a video apparently produced by RDJ himself, featuring music perhaps not by RDJ himself.

NOW, I have done a little Sherlock work for us:

1. The video shows the no-longer-particularly-eerie face-mapping mechanism used during his set at LED this summer, and the date that flickers in at the end of the video (March 11th 2011) is perhaps an allusion to another festival date next year, with this being the day Bloc begins.

2. The music in the video was produced by dgoHn (another RDJ alias?), was released on Exegene earlier this year, and can be downloaded for free here. It doesn’t sound particularly AFX, but other dgoHn material was released earlier this year on Rephlex, which is obviously part-owned by Richard, so could suggest otherwise.

3. Unfortunately, the video could be just a viral tactic for this website to collect and sell your emails.


Any thoughts?

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