Thrilling Wonder Stories // Copper Glaze

By: aspyhole

Nov 28 2010

Category: Music, Symposia

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I was lucky enough to be invited to perform fresh live electronic music at this brilliant symposium at The AA the other day. Check the stellar lineup here.

I played alongside my friend Joe, and since the event was held over an 8-hour period, we played a huge variety of stuff from our respective back-catalogues, while also composing some new collaborative stuff on the spot. I also performed a piece made up of dissected radio recordings which apparently went down well with the guys on the Post-Apocalyptic Urban Design panel. You can listen to some of my older tracks here, a couple of which I played on the day.

Keep an ear out for new tracks from our duo Copper Glaze appearing soon.

Regarding the speakers themselves, some of the most exciting were Splash Damage Studio, talking about Brink, Alex Rutterford who revealed a new monstrous digital installation, and Will Self, describing his “airport walks”. Look forward to the third Thrilling Wonder Stories next year, featuring Darren Aronofsky, among others.


One comment on “Thrilling Wonder Stories // Copper Glaze”

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