MF Doom // Operation: Doomsday, King Gheedorah, Viktor Vaughn, Venomous Villain

By: aspyhole

Jan 20 2011

Category: Music, New Releases

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After dropping a couple of brand new Madvillain tracks on the sly at the beginning of a Peanut-Butter Wolf Podcast at the top of this year, and after completing a successful world tour at the bottom of last, it certainly seems that Doom (aka Daniel Dumile, and cetera) is still going strong. While a re-release often suggests the opposite, it seems that the effort and time that has been put into compiling the 51-track-strong Operation: Doomsday re-release on DD’s new MetalFace imprint reinforces the face that Quadruple-V still works hard.

For those not aware, the highly-bootlegged 1999 album is a definitive classic of the Hip-Hop / Rap Music genre.

Obviously the releases come in metal cases, emphasising the metal faces, but Stones Throw heads collate yo’ dolla since I’m sure the lunch-box and “Metal LP” sets gon’ be dear.

What, of course, still remains to be seen is whether Nastradoomus‘s prophecy was correct and that The Super Villain’s end will come in 2012. In any case, at least there is no question that he got more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos.

get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos


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