Keep Shelly in Athens // Decryption

Another band soon to release their first 7″ single are Keep Shelly in Athens. Now these Greek kids already have an EP, In Love With Dusk, out on GvsB’s Forest Family Records, but even though it was really very fantastic, I didn’t think there was much point in raising it here back in the day since the 500 copies sold out pretty quickly. IN ANY CASE, you can pre-order their new single, which you can listen to below, here, in order to avoid several forms and levels of disappointment.

I don’t find the single as immediately-striking as anything on the EP (which you can still buy ditzitally), but it does spread a certain Greek warmth not found in music from elsewhere.

FURTHERMORE, I think it worthwhile to point out that the band’s name is, in fact, a play on words. Κυψέλη, pronounced ‘Kipselli’, is an area of Athens. And I wonder how many of you EP coppers knew that, eh?

IN ADDITION, to continue the decryption, I have become aware that RΠЯ is one half of Κυψέλη, as they shall now be known, and also produces quite brilliant music on his own. While Kipselli might have had a fair amount of exposure in recent weeks, I can almost certainly guarantee that Mя. RΠЯ hasn’t, so do cheque his remix of an Iain Morrison track here, before the Black Bloc discover his location.


Any thoughts?

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