Safewalls // Cirque du Soleil & Sweet Toof

By: aspyhole

Feb 14 2011

Category: Art, Street Art

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I always wanted to peel those brightly-coloured Circus posters off the sides of the motorways when I was young. Even though the traffic would have probably given me enough time to do so, I was never convinced that I would be able to peel them off in one clean movement. Luckily, Cirque du Soleil have set up an interesting project alongside High Roller Society to get interesting artists to “re-imagine the circus poster”, so maybe I will finally be able to have one!

They have called the project Safewalls, and the London leg begins with a show on the 17th of February, and one of my favourite Street artists, Sweet Toof is taking part. The massive mural in Bristol, above, was done by Sweet Toof and other Burning Candy Crew members Rowdy and Cyclops whose work you will have likely seen around. Very sick stuff. I have yet to acquire any of his Teef, but I hope to soon.

I’m not sure the artists really say much in the video below, but it’s worth a look for Sweet Toof’s mask alone.



Any thoughts?

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