Odd Future Wolf Gang K*** T*** A** // Golf Wang

By: aspyhole

Feb 21 2011

Category: Music

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Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All are a tight-knit art-/rap-collective from LA whose hype it seems the Eastern World have finally caught up with. Originally a bunch of kids putting together art for their skate-zine, it seems they decided to fill the rest of the spare time by rapping. Since Tyler dropped the Odd Future Tape on the Hype Beast forums early 2008, many have been pushing the crew. Going on technical ability alone, I feel that the praises are deserved, since many tunes are oh so tight, but their aesthetic is fresh too. While most Hip-Hop mixtapes today are released solely online, with a few being dropped in select record-stores around the place, all the Odd Future releases (which are all “available” for download on their blog) are online-only. With such strong artwork, these kids should be dropping limited hard-copy releases.

While original releases borrowed heavily from instrumental collections like Doom‘s Special Herbs and Madlib productions, many recent releases are backed with dirty self-produced beats. Watch out for Left Brain and Hodgy Beats productions especially – very good.

Europeans can catch the crew in Spain this summer, probably minus Earl S, who is grounded. Expect stage antics and false peaks similar to those on display below.


One comment on “Odd Future Wolf Gang K*** T*** A** // Golf Wang”

  1. was waiting for you to post this, NICE

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