Athens Street Art // Very Nearly Almost Magazine

By: aspyhole

Feb 27 2011

Category: Art, Graffiti, Magazines, Street Art

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Focal Length:8.108mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot G10

A great selection of my photos of Athens street art  features as a 4-page spread in the new issue of the veryveryvery-appropriately-named Very Nearly Almost magazine. The magazine has been going for several years now and is one of the most established specialist periodicals on the subject coming out of London. This issue features an essential in-depth interview with Sickboy, who also created the special screen-printed cover for the limited edition of the magazine. Certainly among the most secretive of the London-based street artists, Sickboy has moved seamlessly into the world of fine art, creating several stunning series of works of late.

Regarding the scene in Athens, it is huge and more refined than in many other European cities, and nowhere near as diluted as London’s is. There is little stigma attached to “street art” there, so many international artists use the city’s walls to showcase their work to great effect, often juxtaposing their colourful characters with the greys and browns of dilapidated high-rises. It seems few of the Greek artists have broken out internationally, although many who have branched out into fine art are seriously collected within Greece. In my selection for the magazine I tried to represent a diversity of styles as well as including both local and visiting artists.

Pick up the balaclava- and molotov-cocktail-adorned magazine “from all good newsagents”, or online at the VNA shop.


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