The Clear Pill // Limitless: Homicidal Blackouts

You may have noticed the above advert appearing on the London Underground recently. A close inspection reveals the side effects of this “Clear Pill” to include “Paralysis, Psychosis, Extreme Sexual Appetite, Homicidal Blackouts”, etc., so not really too dissimilar to several pills already on the market, but the way this one was worded, and the support by THE Bradley Cooper puzzled me. What has become clear due to increased sightings of Bradley on other posters is that this is not in fact a pharmaceutical advert, but one for the film Limitless.

The film looks potentially interesting, in that it might highlight problems already rife in the pharmaceutical industry, although worryingly on the other hand it might render these problems mere fantasies, reducing pressure on the industry to stop marketing dangerous medicines, and encouraging others to try such things in places where they are widely available.

Tellingly, the marketing team chose a different way to advertise the film over in America:

[youtube ]

Any thoughts?

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