Forest Swords Article // Electronic Beats Magazine

I feel honoured to have had an article of mine published in what is probably my favourite magazine, Electronic Beats. I wrote the article about the brilliant musician Forest Swords back in November, but I wanted to find the best platform for it. EB – with its clear-cut styling – is a perfect place for discovering new music, art and fashion, so I thought it fitting that a piece about one of the UK’s most exciting musical forces be found on its pages. Including a rare interview with the artist himself (he told me this was his third interview ever), the article nestles between an interview with the fantastic Intellecto-Disco producer Terre Thaemlitz, and the architectural pioneer / urban idealist Paolo Soleri – overall a perfect issue!

The magazine is based in Berlin, but is distributed throughout Europe for free. In London you can pick it up in places like Fopp, Carhartt and Rough Trade, and in Berlin in the cosy OYE Records, Arena and 103 Bar. Check the full distribution list here, or ask them to send you a copy.

I won’t reveal any more about Forest Swords because it’s all in the article, most of which you can read online here (the whole issue should be online here soon), but I will leave you with the official video for my favourite of his songs, Glory Gongs, and the exclusive news that his debut album is being prepared for drop this summer!


Any thoughts?

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