SebastiAn & Justice // Total & Civilisation

By: aspyhole

Mar 28 2011

Category: Music, New Releases

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The Ed Banger Crew has been keeping relatively quiet for the past couple of years or so, compared to their Krazy exploits back in 2005/6, days which I think they will find hard to top. A couple of the characters have dropped soundtracks for films made by their buddies, or even for their own films, but we haven’t seen a notable non-OST album from the legendary label. Was their greatness shortlived?

The next month will allow us to decide one way or the other with albums by both Justice and SebastiAn dropping over the coming weeks. While the media will surely hype Justice’s Civilisation, from which the disappointing first single is now available, I look forward to SebastiAn’s first LP proper, Total, out in May. The not-actually-as-disturbing-as-it-could-be video of new single Embody directed by the brilliant SO ME (who I will write about more extensively at some point) is below. Spot the cameos. Nearly drooling.


Any thoughts?

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