Hype Williams // Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol.II

OK, so following their trend of putting out all their releases on different labels (if they aren’t self-releasing them), Hype Williams who I first posted about all the way over in October, are releasing Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol.II (no, there was no Vol.I!) on Hyperdub of all places.

While this is perhaps a clever move by Roy and “Karen”, who will no doubt gain much new rekonnition from the bass heads with the HDB052 sticker attached to the release, this may be one of the most misguided releases Kode9 has ever put out, and is the most recent example of a clear hopping onto the Hype-Wagon.

Taking the converse view, which one has every right to do, Burial’s work as well as other sample-based Hyperdub releases aren’t actually that different from the HW sound, so perhaps this isn’t that strange a move for old Steve G, who played HW’s Your Girl Smells Chung When She Wears Dior out as his first track on his Radio 1 essential mix. But, getting into them this late into the game (yes! the game moves fast these days!) smacks of the aforementioned Wagon-hopping.

Nonetheless, it goes without saying that I am obviously extremely excited about the release. Name-checking RnB Baroness Kelly Price, who (by some coincidence?) is just releasing her new album this month, and whose video for the track Friend of Mine was directed by the ‘original’ Hype Willie, the EP features tracks previously only available online, including the marvellous Farthing Wood Dub.

Another exclusive photo above by Justin Lambert from their CAMP Basement gig in December.


Any thoughts?

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