DJ Shadow // I Gotta Rock & The Less You Know The Better

By: aspyhole

May 16 2011

Category: Music, New Releases

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DJ Shadow just dropped the second EP of material from his forthcoming album The Less You Know The Better, out on September 4th. This EP, entitled I Gotta Rock, is essentially an expanded and more official-looking version of the last one, which included only 2 tracks, and was limited to a handful of copies hidden in independent record shops around the world. With this proper release, which features one new track alongside the 2 previously-released tracks as well as 3 remixes from UK newcomers Rockwell and Irn Mnky (first seen on Shadow’s Remix Project) and dubstep stalwarts ‘Various’, more people will be able to pick up physical copies of the tracks.

I haven’t managed to decipher who the cover artist is from the online images yet, and haven’t picked up my physical copy to examine the sleeve notes, but the work does seem familiar. Anybody know who it is? I like it, and going from past trends I assume the album’s artwork will be done by the same artist.

While I didn’t have a problem with Shadow putting out EPs containing remixes from the Solesides & Quannum stables or related artists back in the day, and I am all for established artists championing new musicians, something doesn’t quite sit so well when he drops a 6-track EP and 3 of those tracks are (fun but) rather mediocre remixes from artists wholly unconnected with any ‘scene’ Shadow has ever been involved with. In any case, of course I greatly anticipate the release of the album, which I am sure will exceed expectations!


Any thoughts?

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