James Cauty // A Riot in a Jam Jar

By: aspyhole

Jun 12 2011

Category: Art, Exhibitions

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Perhaps, unfortunately, best known for burning £1,000,000 in a field with his buddies from The KLF in the early-90s, James Cauty has executed some brilliant art since he stopped producing music. If not the, then one of the most prolific British ‘politico-pop’-artists (ooohf) working today, Cauty has put together thousands and thousands of artworks over the last decade or so, using media from stamps to cartoons, woodcuts to crushed cars, and more recently, jam-jars.

Immensely collectable, you won’t find much of his past artwork easily available anywhere since as far as I remember he burnt all that too. All his work to date was recorded on a single hard-drive which was for sale at one point for many hundreds of thousands of pounds – but is probably lost somewhere in a Clerkenwell basement today. No joke.

This second series of jam-jar works not only features the ‘domestic’ jars familiar from the last show, but also some on a ‘Light-Industrial’ scale, like the one above. Quite stunning, the jars are on show in London until early July.


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