Kitsuné Maison Vol. 11 // Is Tropical / The Greeks

I’ve been a big fan of the Kitsuné Maison compilations for many many years (PHWOAR, just realised it’s SEVEN years since they put this fantastic disc out) and have discovered many many brilliant artists through the CDs.

In 2005 the first compilation showcased début cuts from such characters as Tom Vek (who I am also vVv excited to say has just released his new album), Hot Chip and Digitalism, and demonstrated that the label were really on top of the game. I can’t say much for the shop itself or their clothes (for, of course, Kitsuné is a clothes label too) since I know little about it these days, but the compilations continue to showcase exciting electro (and cetera) from France and further afield. I find it interesting, incidentally, that this compilation has been titled ‘The Indie-Dance Issue’ since I do believe that all of the previous compilations (with enlightening titles like ‘The Fireworks Issue’) could have easily sported the same one. While, as previously discussed, the scene has dwindled in numbers and quality of late, there are still gems to be found on the silver slivers.

One of these has been visualised by Megaforce, Seven and El Nino into this:


Any thoughts?

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