DRC Music // Damon Albarn / Dan the Automator / Jneiro Jarel

An exciting new musical project helmed by Damon Albarn is underway: Reminding me of both One Giant Leap and Mr Albarn’s Gorillaz project, DRC Music involves several brilliant ‘Western’ musicians and producers including Dan the Automator (who produced the first Gorillaz album), one of Hip-Hop’s most prolific and talented beat maestros Jneiro Jarel, Rodaidh McDonald the producer of The xx’s album and Richard Russell of XL Recordings being thrust deep into the Kinshasa musical underworld to try and record an album with Congolese musicians in one week.

Using today’s most hi-tech production equipment alongside home-made drums, guitars and other local instruments, tribal choirs, rappers and improvisors in several-hour-long jam sessions (like the 5-hour-long one depicted above), it appears the group were successful in recording enough material for an album.

Mr Albarn and friends have now returned ‘West’ in order to complete the production process and if the result is the sum of its parts, the album should be stunning.

Listen to a teaser clip from the DRC blog below.

All profits from the album will go to Oxfam.


Any thoughts?

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