Vinh Ngan Triad God // Aym G 4 Life EP


Literally next level ish from Vinh Ngan Triad God up on the Soundcloud. With only 27 followers there, and a handful of listens, I treat you to some almost unheard tunes from a Canton Don that I have spent August of the year 2011 listening to. The EP can be streamed below, and his best track, Remand, can be downloaded there too.

And, CALLING ALL CANTONESE SPEAKERS: I would very much appreciate it if anybody who understands what Vinh is talking about would let me know. Comment Box Below. As far as I can tell, he liketh the Cha siu baau.

FURTHERMORE, his only post on his facebook is a quote from a certain “Dj Speed”, which goes a little like: “Im a underground dj, you all dont know me but yall will know me-know that”.

He def G 4 Lyf, No?


One comment on “Vinh Ngan Triad God // Aym G 4 Life EP”

  1. Sun Hing J- Vinh Ngan Triad God – Translation to English
    New Cross Boyz worry fall
    u people fall we still worry, be fall
    Triad God will look after us, will take care
    of us
    We dont have to be scared
    we go chop if any think
    ah I leg in prision
    1 leg in hell

    Waj J
    im the biggests
    play it all New X boy
    top level club prostitute
    shop i look after it all is it
    the top level big for the past
    go chop people so
    knife shine verion let me?
    group show my talent
    my heart will grow
    If I die I dont care
    put my blood in a ocean
    so it flow in the sea

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