Portobello Film Festival // The Westway / The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

By: aspyhole

Sep 17 2011

Category: cinema, Festivals, Film

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Get there quickly, because today and tomorrow are the last 2 days of the Portobello Film Festival, hosted in both Westbourne Studios and the brilliant ‘Pop-Up Microplex Cinema‘ under the Westway.

The cinema itself – sheltered by the rumbling Westway overhead and its supporting walls on either side which are still adorned with some great graffiti art from 2009’s MuTate Britain – hosts one of London’s largest screens, and certainly its largest ‘outdoor’ screen. While the programme of short films that has been running for several weeks can’t be called exceptional, the space alone is worth the visit (with seats from The Cineroleum, cushions from Twickenham Rugby stadium and the massive speaker from eBay).

Check the listings here (with illustrations by Mr. Pure Evil himself), but tonight’s screening of the 1920s silent classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, with live instrumentation by In The Nursery appears to be the highlight of the whole festival – don’t miss it.


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