DJ Screw // University of Houston / Exhibition / Conference

For the past couple of weeks I haven’t been able to get enough of DJ Screw’s 1995 Screwtape All Screwed Up Vol. II. As such, I thought it appropriate that I mention that as recently reported in the Houston Chronicle, The University of Houston Libraries has recently acquired much of Robert Earl Davis Jr.’s large record collection. Featuring over 1000 vinyls, the collection most likely charts the development of the Chopped and Screwed ‘DJ technique’, its transformation into a genre, as well the records that inspired it.

The collection is currently being catalogued by the good people at the library’s Special Collections Dept., including the Screnthusiast Julie Grob and will be open to ‘researchers’ soon: so we may eventually find out what happened to the elusive All Screwed Up Vol. I (anybody know?)!.

The Department has also announced that an exhibition called DJ Screw and the Rise of Houston Hip Hop will be mounted in March of next year to coincide with a conference on the city’s Hip-Hop culture – there may or may not be different concentrations of dranky drank on display.


Any thoughts?

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