Samaritan // Part of the Jurys / Don’t Try Love EP

Ok, so we thought the post-dubstep scene was gone? Over? Dunny? Well, Samaritan just revitalised it right up.

I have been listening to his first collection of tracks entitled Part of the Jurys since the middle of this summer, and while it doesn’t give me faith that the ‘scene’ will return to emitting notable tracks by a range of exciting artists (I think I would happily be proven wrong), it is heartening that someone is still bold enough to put out forward-thinking tracks. No recycling here (well, apart from the sampling, but that’s to be discussed another day, in another place).

So Samaritan has been popping slo-mo’d videos of people doing not-that-unusual-things up on his tumblr since Spring, and now comes his second EP which you can buy on his bandcamp here. You can also listen to it below. It’s not as strong as Part of the Jurys vol. 1 (DEFINITELY get that, by the way), but is still good and moves in similar circles.


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