Anti VJ // AV Futures

As I’m sure you characters are fully aware by now, I am a big fan of things audio, visual and the various sectra in between. AntiVJ, a group of musicians and visual artists from all over, provide several further great examples of what can be achieved when you bring together talents from both ends: a harmony of geometry, beautiful visualisations, electronics and sound.

The project above, for example, was a projection and audio performance onto the central structure of Brussels’ Square, involving 4 visual artists and a sound designer. Another of their best projects was 3Destruct at Belgium’s contemporary art Biennale in 2007, a video clip of which you can see below. Although technology has improved immensely over the past years, this still appears to be one of the group’s most effective pieces.

None of the pieces have passed through London until now. AntiVJ’s work can be seen alongside a performance by the incomparable Flying Lotus at London’s Roundhouse next week, for which tickets are inexplicably still available. It is set to be a stunning night.


Any thoughts?

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