Hype’s Willy // Ramirez / Inga / VHS Collection

Ok, so there aren’t many artists that I post mültîplé times about, but Those Hype Williamsons are one of those. Perhaps I should set up The Hype G. Williams Information Department at the local resource centre. Pass any funding offers my way.

Although tracking down original copies of the lovers’ debut (untitled) LP might cost you 2 days’ salary, it is arguable that due to the constant emissions from the HW underworld, there is no need. Introducing VVV’s first use of The Bullet Point, amongst these I suggest one takes a look at are:

  • Roy’s latest 12″ which sees a return to Rush Hour, and this time under the new Ramirez pseudox.
  • Karen’s new ish on her soundclouds as Inga, somewhere. Look it up.
  • Probably the one that is the most worth grabbingaholdof is the VHS / HVS / PAL format collection of all their Youtubezes (pictured). Probably bargainous, if it gets through the HMRC chequing.
  • My favourite, however, is this rejected remix for Hyperdub’s new King Midas Sound remix album. Madmen involved.

Any thoughts?

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