Uther Moads // Uther Moads

As I have mentioned, I have recently set up a record label called The Association for Depth Sound Recordings.

I am very proud to say that today sees the release of our first EP, by Uther Moads.

Do pick up a copy of the (very limited!) CD or download at our website here.

I have been working with Uther Moads aka Rhodri Karim on this release for some time and we are both extremely pleased with the product. Rhodri had been sending me songs for about 10 months, and I couldn’t stop coming back to these songs, playing them until the mp3 came close to burning out, and I felt that it was about time someone else heard his great stuff. So I set up the label and we put out this release.

You can listen to the full release on our bandcamp and watch the video to one of the EP’s tracks below:

Artwork by Kyle McDonald.


Any thoughts?

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