Ital / Doesn’t Matter (if You Love Him) // BTo2012

Just before Christmas time, from the mono speaker on my radio, came the sound of The Biggest Tune of The Coming Year.

It was long (~7mins), but of course I waited for the presenter to announce what on globe it was: Ital’s Doesn’t Matter (if You Love Him).

Since then I have had to make do with an edited version up on the Planet Mu website, until now when, courtesy of the label, who have clearly suffered bandwith expiry due to overuse of their online player from IP, the full version has been posted here.

It comes from Ital’s forthcoming album Hive Mind. I won’t relate much about Daniel Martin-McCormick, since facts like his membership of Mi Ami, and his numerous releases under various aliases are irrelevant in light of the above song, but I will say that the origin of the main vocal sample is here. Obviously the other is here. And most of Burial’s samples are here.

The second track off the album, Floridian Void, can also be heard below. I post it simply because due to multiple (and when I say ‘multiple’, I mean it) listens to short snippets over at the Planet Mu release page I can no longer tell whether the keyboard melody is requisitioned from a well-known 90s bangér or if it is unique to this song. Will someone give it a listen and let me know!?


Any thoughts?

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