The Boneyard Project // PIMA Air and Space Museum Arizona

I have been mildly obsessed with plane graveyards for a little while, and even featured a satellite photo of one I came across on Google Earth in the second issue of The Hill (including geographic co-ordinates in case one fancied a virtual cheeky), so of course I am extremely excited at the prospect of this exhibition of a selection of planes in a similar graveyard (aka PIMA Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona) painted by some of the worlds most famous street artists.

The first part of the exhibition happened at the Eric Firestone Gallery in Long Island over the summer and featured nose cones and other parts of planes painted by the same group of artists. This second part opens next week.

The Douglas DC3 above was decorated by the brilliant typograffiti (COINED) artist RETNA who had a big show in London this summer (and recently painted a stretched limo), and other planes are painted by Nunca, Faile, Aiko, LEE and many, many others.

More info about it if some magazine would like to send me out there.


Any thoughts?

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