David Choe // Facebook IPO Zillionaire

By: aspyhole

Feb 04 2012

Category: Art, Cha siu baau, Graffiti, Street Art

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Focal Length:4.28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4S

I never thought I’d be reading about David Choe on the front page of the IHT or New York Times.

While we knew he was chummy with Mark Z (aka zuck-1 apparently), I didn’t realise that Choe had been paid for his early (2005 & 2007) murals in facebook’s first offices in stock. If Facebook’s IPO raises the $5bn that is suggested, the value of Choe’s ~0.4% share in Facebook will be worth around $200m. Big news.

The image above is of Choe painting at Facebook’s new headquarters at Menlo Park, California. Looks like it will be a mad place, and as much as I like Choe’s work, I don’t know if I could handle working surrounded by the stuff. But then again how much work will those characters actually be doing? I bet they’re just on Facebook all day.


Any thoughts?

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