Ball’s Pyramid // Atlas Obscura

Stop, drop and roll; it’s Ball’s Pyramid.

I thought now was as good a time as any to visit my old favourite website Atlas Obscura, and my favourite ‘obscure’ location. It is in the middle of the Tasman Sea, and looks like John Martin has torn a Whole in The Sky. Let’s go a-visiting?

Other highlights include Deception Island, where you can sail directly into a live volcano, the Swimming Pigs of Big Major Cay and obviously the mad Socotra, where a third of the flora on the island is unique to it.

Photograph by John White.


3 comments on “Ball’s Pyramid // Atlas Obscura”

  1. It’s like a minimalist painting. If you look at it a certain way, you can kind of imagine the a tear in the sky in the shape of that mountain and the interior of the mountain being a view of another place through that tear. 🙂

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