JJ DOOM / ESPO // Banished / Key to the Kuffs

WoW. Some big big hip-hop news. One of the world’s best producers, Jneiro Jarel, has teamed up with the world’s best rapper, MF Doom. Their project, out soon on Lex Records who have organised some other flawless collabs, will be called JJ DOOM.

Although the name is uninspiring, the results are currently very promising. Chéque bellows:

And I have a feeling that this isn’t the first time Doom has referred to Occam’s Razor. Nicely.

FURTHERMORE, the artwork will be done by Steve ESPO Powers, which is also big news for the street art kids. Lex have taken care to adorn their releases with beautiful artwork since LEX001, and I am sure Mr Powers will do a great job, picking up from where the genius Ehquestionmark left off. I don’t think ESPO has ever done any album art before (corrections characters?) but that’s merely another reason to look forward to this release.

A remix by TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek of another track from the album can be found on Lex’s 10th Anniversary Compilation, Complex. Listen and downslowed below:


One comment on “JJ DOOM / ESPO // Banished / Key to the Kuffs”

  1. This is sounding wicked, look forward to the album in May.

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