DJ Shadow // Total Breakdown / MPC-Era

DJ Shadow has just announced a forthcoming release of a collection of unreleased MPC productions from 1992-1996.

1994-2002 were arguably Shadow‘s most productive and successful years (though he wouldn’t like me saying that), and his work with the MPC2000 has produced some of the most impressive results ever to come out of the machine. Having since moved onto ProTools and more complex production desks, Shadow still no doubt remains hugely adept at utilising the versatile machine, and is sure to continue to impress with this collection which will allow fans to revisit his production roots.

Get more infos on Shadow’s site where you can download the superb 1996 track Affectations from the album. Like much Hip-Hop produced with the MPC range this track is evocative of the tactile origins of this sort of production. As you can see in the classic (check out 04:00) video below featuring Shadow, Cut Chemist and Numark, all on MPCs, make full use of the hardware’s pads and their own riddim within.

[Did they just invent Dubstep at 04:45?!]


Any thoughts?

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