Faile // The 104 N. 7th Project

By: aspyhole

May 07 2012

Category: Architecture, Art, Exhibitions, Photography, Sculpture, Street Art

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Focal Length:34mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Faile have just announced a batch of news. Alongside promising to release several new prints over the next few months, they announce a new permanent installation in New York’s Brooklyn.

Following on from their ‘temple’ construction in Lisbon they have developed their interest in hand-painted tiles and used over 8000 of them to tile the outside of a building at 104 North 7th, between Berry and White. I like it.

Of course this is not their first large-scale work in NYC. Last year they were invited (by J Deitch? Dikh?) to paint/paste the Houston/Bowery wall (perhaps best known for it’s Keith Haring mural) like this.

I have heard the Patricks say this in countless interviews before but nice to see the line about 1986 put so succinctly in video form: “1986 was a year which marked the end of childhood innocence for us. The Space Shuttle Challenger [disaster] symbolised a movement beyond out Faileures to succeed and…and grow”. See them say this, and other things in a little film made for Vice about this latest project here.


Any thoughts?

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