(Vinh Ngan) Triad God // NXB

Excited to see a full-length album release by Vinh Ngan Triad God (having dropped the Vinh Ngan unfortunately). I posted about VNTG last summer in a post which as far as I know was the first article about the group (made up of the G and Palmistry, on production) on the internet. En comments one can find a translation by Palmistry (I think?) of one of VN’s earliest tracks.

The album, NXB (standing for New Cross Boyz [EXCLUSIVE info; no.1 fan herrr?]) is available for free download and is great. Very glad to see VN is still ‘rapping’ in Cantonese, though has clearly been learning English, using such words as ‘rapstar’, a word that sounds like ‘omelete’ and cetera, and has developed his singing voice on tracks like album closer I Never Told You.

I contacted Vinh Ngan Triad God back in ‘011 about putting out a release on ADSR but they mentioned they were already in talks with a label. I suppose they could have been talking about Triple-U Tapes, who are to put out the album on tape soon, but it appears that Hippos in Tanks are also interested, having just listed Triad God as one of ‘their’ artists, alongside VVV favourites Hype’s Willy and friends. Iiiinteresting.

Watch part of a mad feature film about ya Ja below:

Young and Dangerous in rivers and lakes YO.


One comment on “(Vinh Ngan) Triad God // NXB”

  1. Oh snap, the Hippos made UUU take down the album, and nor will there be a tape release! LP on Hippos soon though, I am told.

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