Terre Thaemlitz // Soullessness / DJ Sprinkles

First announced towards the end of 2010, Soullessness is a multimedia collection composed and collated by Terre Thaemlitz.

Having released his whole (extensive) back catalogue on an insane hand-made DVD-R burger bundle in 2009, it appears that since then Terre has been working on this 32 hour 16 minute album of music, art and writings.

Based on a 31 hour piano mediation entitled “Meditation on Wage labor and the Death of the Album“, the album, which is divided into 5 cantos, features pieces with substantial effects, vocal-sampling, and electronics, all with the piano piece as their base. Most of the album was premiered at London’s Café Oto last year (how did I miss that!?), but listen to samples here.

I won’t go into detail about Terre’s identico-political views, simply because I don’t know enough about them (but read her bio on his site here to get an idea), nor mention her academic writings nor his performance art, but I will say that as DJ Sprinkles and Kami-sakunobe House Explosion she has released some of the most stunning and relevant house music of the past decade. Deep into the Bowels of House.

Soullessness is only available on a 16GB micro SDHC card and only in a small number of shops, but if you are going to grab it, get it from Terre himself here (for only 50Euros on his Comatonse Recordings) and fill out an application to apply for purchase of his back-catalogue while you are at it too. I might mention that almost everything ever released on the label has sold out, so if you want it, grab it!

Also, if you are in Tokyo, you could probably just about make the launch at Uplink Factory, if cantos I-IV are really being performed in full!


Any thoughts?

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