Banger Art // Sweet Toof / Lovebox

By: aspyhole

Jun 15 2012

Category: Art, Decipherment, Deep into the Bowels of House, Graffiti, London, Looting, Street Art

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Focal Length:6.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot G10

For those who missed the crazy underground-Hackney-carpark-street-art-on-old-bangers-show the other night, the cars will all be taken (driven?!) over to Victoria Park this weekend for the Lovebox festival, so you can catch them there.

The show features insane contributions from Sweet Toof (whose Mercedes you can see above), Dale Grimshaw, Pablo Delgado and others. Car parts, from the hubcaps to the windscreens, are for sale for reasonable sums by Nelly Duff.

Sweet Toof also did a great job spraying up the whole of this carpark with Lenny, his gums and friends. A new destination on London’s street art scene?


One comment on “Banger Art // Sweet Toof / Lovebox”

  1. Amazing! Just had a trip to Shoreditch and was totally blown away by everything! Will be blogging on it real soon!

    Watch this space.

    DJ Leekee

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