Madlib Medicine Show // The Brick / MF Doom ‘Book’

Perhaps one of the most extravagant musical purchases one can make within the Hip-Hop world: Madlib’s Brick.

A collection of 13 (of the 14+) albums Madlib put out in 2010-12, The Brick contains 7 albums produced by Madlib and 6 mixes sculpted from segments of Otis Jackson Jr’s 4+ tonne record collection. Even at 13 discs in length, it is still only the tip of the bluntberg when it comes to Madlib’s extensive discography of Bombshelter productions.

Of the ones I have listened to myself, those that have most stood out are the Beat Konducta in Africa mix, and the Before the Verdict album, though all promise choked-out listening, and all come with bombing artwork by a different artist. It should be back in stock at Stones Throw soon.

Still on a Venomous tip, I recently picked up the latest issue of Frank151 magazine, which is dedicated to MF Doom. The artists featured in the book were all asked to visually represent their favourite Doom lyric, and some of the results are great. More interesting however are the interviews with and essays by several characters involved in the Doom enterprise, as well as a rare and insightful interview with The Villain himself.


Any thoughts?

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