Art Drive! London // BMW Art Cars / Frank Stella


In London only for another few days is the almost-complete collection of BMW Art Cars – BMW sports cars painted by celebrated artists. The first car was decorated in 1975 when Hervé Poulain, a French racing driver asked Alexander Calder to make his dream of merging his passions for art and driving. Since then a number of artists have contributed to the collection, from Warhol to Hockney, Jenny Holzer to Olafur Eliasson, with Jeff Koons’s car being the most recent addition in 2010. Unfortunately Eliasson’s is not on display, perhaps because it is being raced somewhere?

Art Drive! is quite similar to the Banger Art exhibition just up the road some weeks ago which was clearly inspired by this BMW project, but this time is over 6 floors, with significantly better-respected artists and I hope the cars remain intact at the exhibition’s close.

One of the most impressive of the 16 cars – Frank Stella’s 1976 contribution pictured above – can be seen on the 2nd floor, the “Abstraction” level.

All further details over on the Art Drive! website.






Any thoughts?

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