Frieze London // Highlights / Iran do Espírito Santo

By: aspyhole

Oct 10 2012

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Focal Length:8.898mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot G10

I was kindly invited to tonight’s preview of the world’s most important art fair. Frieze, bringing together about 200 galleries from around 35 countries, treats visitors to an unparalleled variety of contemporary art.

Notable this year was the lack of monumental works filling whole gallery stalls. Most galleries chose to fill their spaces with a selection of the artists they represent, rather than banking on (for Frieze is a commercial fair) a single artist. Less large format photography and silicon-based sculpture, more collage/assemblage and Federico Herrero. This meant that the rounds were more arduous and time-consuming than usual (read stimulating and alluring?), but also meant that one was more determined to scout out the gems.

One of my favourite pieces was a small photogram drawing (see above) by Iran do Espírito Santo, exhibited at Edinburgh’s Ingleby Gallery. But must-sees include Juan Uslé at Frith Street Gallery, Haegue Yang at Wien Lukatsch, Jonas Wood at David Kordansky, Los Carpinteros at Peter Kilchmann, all the R* galleries in the North West corner and everything at Helga de Alvea.

Do enjoy.


One comment on “Frieze London // Highlights / Iran do Espírito Santo”

  1. At the first Frieze show here in New York, there were also a lot of smaller works. It is like becoming a trend, the smaller sizes. Some say it could have something to do with the crisis… Huge canvases have a high price. But people who can afford those big pieces, will always be able to, crisis or not. Maybe it is because more and more people are getting interested in art work, and therefore those smaller works work for smaller budgets too.
    Then there is the size itself. Not everybody has the space to put that up! And a huge artwork takes over a room completely and doesn’t allow any competition. Smaller works are discreter, and you can have more of them in one room.
    But of course, i must say that the nicest works I saw recently, happen to be smaller.

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