Conor Harrington // Bedlam / A Whole lot of Trouble for a Little bit of Win

By: aspyhole

Oct 18 2012

Category: Art, Art Fair, Environmental Catastrophe, Exhibitions, Graffiti, Junk Set, London, Mayhem, Street Art

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Focal Length:12.074mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot G10

I think I could still get excited about descending into London’s ex-disused tunnel-system, but if those lucky enough to have control over the few that are open to the public continue putting on rubbish, I am going to have to find another outlet for the remnants of my excitement.

Steve Lazarides has had a whole year since his last show (/’pop-up restaurant’) in the Old Vic Tunnels to curate this year’s exhibition, entitled Bedlam, but instead of choosing a great selection of artworks to make use of the unique space below Waterloo station, somehow he has managed to cobble together one of the worst group exhibitions I have ever seen. I found the 2010 exhibition, the first of a ‘trilogy’, rather great, but this show promises ‘pandemonium‘ [sic], and this is certainly, and perhaps predictably, what the haphazard scattering of sculptures, videos and paintings provides. ‘Coinciding’ with Frieze week is less of a ‘coincidence’, and more of a tame attempt at a leeching-mechanism, which has no doubt backfired after wasting people’s time during a week where many (probably?) plan their rounds by the minute.

The sole stand-out piece in the show is Conor Harrington‘s Fight Club, pictured above, but even this sticks closely to Conor’s oeuvre, and doesn’t really provide anything new. Conor reveals some of his trade secrets in this video, one of them being that he works from photographs, which seems a shame.

Don’t bother. So let us, and let’s hope they, get back to what’s important.


Any thoughts?

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