Moby Dick // The Whale // Big Read / Alison Turnbull

I haven’t listened to an audio book for around 12 years, but cousin Petros suggested I listen to Moby Dick read by 135 different people. The Moby Dick Big Read (be careful how you say that now), organised in affiliation with Plymouth University and various charities and trusts, have been releasing a chapter of Moby Dick every day for the past month or so now. Although some of the readers are clearly more accustomed to reading aloud than others, so far it is great fun and keeps me company on the morning commute.

Alongside each chapter a piece of artwork is also published online. Alison Turnbull, whose work I am familiar with from days working in a certain Mayfair gallery, has provided the above illustration for chapter 16. She also has an exhibition at Matt’s Gallery in London’s Mile End. It runs for another 10 days.

An evening of discussion and readings at London’s King’s Place in a week’s time addresses the question Why should we still read [/listen?] to Moby Dick at all.

You may have also noticed that Google memorialised the significant 161st anniversary of the publication of Melville’s work with a ‘doodle’.


Any thoughts?

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