eMMplekz // IZOD Days / Mordant Music / Ekoplekz

His Aquascutum his eventual casket.

I bumped into Monsieur le Baron Mordant alongside Nick Edwards some days ago, and they both kindly gave me copies of their new releases (in a sly exchange for some Hydro-Acoustic mechanisms). Nick tells me he is the first to admit he is a noodler, and this is exactly what he continues on his sprawling Plekzationz album, but the real stunner comes when BM, the most literarily-characterful reverse-engineer in electronic music, and Ekoplekz get BZ together and crack out the eMMplekz.

Now I hope to be reviewing this properly for another publication soon so I won’t fully explain why it is a stonker, but if you are one of the many admirers of Late-Nite Kennington-inspired spoken word wanderings layered over nightmare electronic dribblings, or excretalist egestions paired with foreground Baby Cham jockulations, then you will probably be already on this. If not, jump on with immediacy.

Artwork by Jaye Ho.


Any thoughts?

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