The Museum of Curiosity // Black Rat Projects

Black Rat Projects have put on many great exhibitions over the years, all out of their unique space in the heart of Shoreditch where they must have been based since at least 2006; this doesn’t seem to be one of them. They now appear to be under new management (?) and have moved on from the East End to involve themselves in offsite projects elsewhere in London.

Their current exhibition, The Museum of Curiosity, promises exactly what its name suggests. It appears to be quite different from Black Rat’s past forays into ‘Urban’ art, and instead presents an assorted collection of ‘interesting’ objects, including the pictured Sandstone Gogotte, a tray of glass eyes, a box of moths etc. etc. alongside a couple of contemporary pieces.

The fact that the gallery haven’t bothered updating their website, haven’t provided any information about it, and can hardly be bothered to publicise it, suggests that it is a cobbling together of irrelevancy and pointlessness. It is located somewhere in London’s Soho, and I won’t give you the address, since if you really want to go (I suppose it is a good place to pick up an ancient geological formation) I am sure you are competent enough to somehow track it down.


Any thoughts?

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