José Parla // Haunch of Venison closes

By: aspyhole

Mar 19 2013

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Category: Art, Bootleg, Closedown, Exhibitions, Shops

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Focal Length:4.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

José Parla hasn’t been working as an artist for many years, or at least his CV suggests that he first exhibited artwork in 2005. I am pleased to have seen his work progress since he was first shown in London in 2007 at the as-good-as-defunct Elms Lester Painting Rooms, but I hesitate to say that much progress has been made. José became popular for mastering a beautiful calligraffitist scrawl, and it is this technique that continues to pervade his work. Colours now play a more significant role, as does the fabric of urban life, with paving slabs and concrete featuring where deckled-edged paper used to. A brilliant space-specific piece (above), created on-site in the first or last room of Haunch of Venison (depending on how you navigate).

But Haunch of Venison is almost no longer. Parla’s show runs for another week or so, until the 28th, at which point the gallery in Haunch of Venison Yard which became one of London’s contemporary art institutions before spiralling into blinkered commercial oblivion (and being sold somewhere along the way) will close its doors to the public forever. New York’s Chelsea space has already gone, 2 weeks ago. Without a whimper of a goodbye. Both spaces will now serve as Christie’s’s off-site private sales showrooms. By Appointment Only.


Any thoughts?

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