Boards of Canada // Reach for the Dead / Tomorrow’s Harvest

The last time I had a good chat about Boards of Canada was probably almost a decade ago, at school. Music Has the Right to Children is among the finest electronic music albums ever composed. Perhaps its quality has led to numerous hiati in the production output of Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin, but I would suggest that the 7 year gap since Trans Canada Highway was not due to their own success, but rather the unfortunate rise of digital music collections and the glut of appalling electronic music being produced. The pair needed to find the optimum period for the release of the new album Tomorrow’s Harvest, rumoured to have been in production for several years, and I think they have done very well to choose the summer of 2013. For one reason or another, personal, impersonal or otherwise, a new BoC album is necessary right now.

Employing promotional techniques over and above that of another electronic music duo, sufficient hype has been created to forewarn and prepare. The first full track to be released, Reach for the Dead, is pretty impeccable. Watch the video for it below, likely constructed out of the brothers’ vast archival video collection, but with a couple of surprises. Perfect for a sunny Sunday / Monday morning.

Hilariously, Warp have also uploaded a backwards version of the video. Reminds me of the days of playing both Drukqs CDs together.

I look forward to some more good chats about Boards of Canada in the very near future.

Pre-order from Rough Trade here.


Any thoughts?

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