Banksy // New York Street Exhibition / Better Out Than In

Last week Banksy announced that he would be spending October making work on the streets of New York City.

Many of the pieces haven’t gone down well and have already been heavily vandalised. The removable parts of others (such as the sign in the above piece) have predictably been stolen. Several of the pieces have been in New York for some time and are slowly being ‘revealed’ by Banksy on his website here. Below each piece, a phone number directs to an audio commentary of the piece, read in Banksy’s typical (smug-)satirical style, some of which refer to him as ‘Bansky’ and ‘Bambi’, poking at the inevitable media confusion.

My favourites so far are those in this ‘The Musical’ series, in which crap graffiti has a touch of humour added:

The latest ‘piece’ to be revealed on the site is the video below. Perhaps a reference to NYC’s ‘DUMBO’ area, or a generalising political comment on terrorism, I am not sure. Either way, its artistic and intellectual value are questionable.

I suspect that Banksy isn’t merely in NYC to put up a few street pieces, but is most probably preparing for a large-scale show there around Christmas, in keeping with his (almost) annual Christmas exhibitions / print releases. In any case, I’ll be keeping my virtual eyes out.


Any thoughts?

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