Tesla // Elon Musk / Open Source Motoring

The boss that is Elon Musk has just done what was hoped by many, but perhaps expected by fewer. Musk has just “applied the open source philosophy” to the patents behind Tesla. I am not sure of the practicalities of this, but I think it simply means that although Tesla will still own their patents, they will not pursue any breach of their patent (ah yes: “Tesla will not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, wants to use our technology.”).

Although this post might seem quite disparate from all those preceding it, I think in fact it parallels all the others in that it is: good news. Obviously this is massive news for the commercial world. The whole commercial world. Let’s hope it is appreciated and exploited, and that the implications that this could have for the environment are achieved.

Also nice shout out to one of the first internet videos I ever saw:


Any thoughts?

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