Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band // ขุนนรินทร์พิณซิ่ง

I saw the below video on Youtube a couple of years ago and, like many others, was astounded at the heaviness of the Psychedelia coming from the amps of what appeared to be a wedding band or a village fete in Thailand. Obviously the first thing I did was track the guys down and ask them if they’d like to record some tunes for The Association for Depth Sound Recordings. And obviously I never heard back. If I had been a little more cunning, I would have done what Josh Marcy did and used my local Thai restaurant to translate my missives to them. Marcy heard back from the band, jumped on a flight from LA to Thailand, and recorded some deep Psych tunes with these characters.

Now while the recordings unfortunately don’t have the scuzziness that I feel makes the now-notorious Youtube video, the tracks are still nuts and if you imagine a visual accompaniment of the village audience (you can just about hear whooping on the album!), they sound even better.

Buy the album on vinyl or digital right here.


Any thoughts?

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