Tom Sachs // Boombox Retrospective 1999 – 2015 / The Contemporary Austin

As I enjoy most samurai-sword-affiliated paraphernalia, I thought this one was too good to pass up, especially due to its stereo-system-interrelation.

New Yorker Tom Sachs makes fascinating artwork usually exploring the everyday and its origins in the obscure. A recent large-scale installation, Space Program: MARS, garnered hefty praise back in 2012, and his new series of (working) ceramic boombox assemblages continuation his eccentric explorations. While the exhibition title suggests the work was made over a period of 16 years, I understand many were all created pretty recently, but they apparently ‘take over’ the various sites of the Contemporary Austin (, Texas): the Jones Center, the Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park at Laguna Gloria, and the Art School.

Some of these stereos were first seen at Sachs’s immersive The Island at the Milanese Fondazione Prada in 2006, which also included one of my favourite of Sachs’s pieces, a huge reconstruction of an aircraft carrier bridge, The Island itself.

Do cheque if you are passing thru.


Any thoughts?

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