Gaspar Noé // Love / Sex / 3D

Gaspar Noé remains one of my all-time favourite film makers.

I haven’t read much about his latest work, Love, save that it was originally proposed by Noé to Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci pre-Irreversible, and that it follows the sexual adventures of an unlikeable American in Paris. It also uses 3D ejacu-technology in ways previously unseen in mainstream cinema – you may recall a particularly memorable scene from Enter The Void which may have utilised a similar cinematographic technique, but I’m sure the stereoscopic effect of this film will add plenty.

In any case, it sounds like Love will be far from the hallucinatory voyage of Enter The Void and the passionate nightmare of Irreversible, and perhaps is a differently-sensitive and simple narrative about love and sex, but I’m still cracking out the 3D glasses.


Any thoughts?

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